BioLife Plasma Services Opens First Plasma Collection Facility in Nebraska

11 December, 2020

The industry giant, BioLife Plasma Services, has opened a new plasma collection facility in Omaha – its first in Nebraska. 

BioLife – a part of the global leader in producing and distributing plasma therapies, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited – opened the new facility on October 24. The new, “state-of-the-art” facility is another addition to its more than 140 collection centers that span across the United States and Europe.  

The center spans nearly 11,300 square feet, offers free Wi-Fi to its donors, and cleanliness and safety that are in-line with the best industry standards.  

In his announcement, the manager of the BioLife Plasma Services Omaha center, Jacy Cizek was ecstatic, stating: “Plasma is a lifeline for thousands of people with rare, chronic and complex diseases, and we are excited to open the first BioLife plasma collection center in Nebraska.” 

Plasma collection centers, as the name suggests, are the establishments where plasma is collected from healthy, voluntary donors.  

All first-time donors are thoroughly screened and asked to answer a medical history questionnaire to determine whether they are eligible to donate plasma. 

The plasma collected from eligible donors is tested and processed to manufacture life-saving plasma-based therapies. 

Worldwide, millions rely on these therapies to treat a wide variety of rare diseases, such as primary immunodeficiency diseases (PID) and hemophilia. 

They rely on them to lead a better, healthier life. 

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