Bio Products Laboratory Launches Two New Albumin-Based Therapies

26 June, 2020

Bio Products Laboratory (BPL), one of the global leaders of manufacturing plasma-based medicines, has announced the launch of ALBUMINEX® 5% and ALBUMINEX® 25% in the US.  

Plasma-based medicines are based on the valuable proteins extracted from your donated plasma. The process of extraction is called fractionation. These medicines are used extensively to treat rare, often life-threatening immune and bleeding disorders – or are of use in critical care.  

ALBUMINEX, based on the protein Albumin in your plasma, is FDA-approved, and is used for treating hypovolemia – a condition in which plasma is too low; ascites – abdominal swelling most often related to liver disease; and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), among other conditions. Albumin is highly vital to us since it transports essential substances such as vitamins and enzymes throughout the body. It also helps regulate fluid flow in your bloodstream.  

BPL has more than 25 years of experience in dealing with Albumin and its derivatives, and more than 60 years in total in plasma research, technology, and manufacturing. It’s headquartered in the US, in North Carolina, is a part of the global giant, the main headquarters of which are based in Elstree, UK. It is the fractionation and manufacturing plants in Elstree where the plasma they collect from 51 centers in the US is shipped.  

ALBUMINEX is its third product in the US in five years. Bob Rossilli, Chief Commercial Officer and President of US Business Operations for BPL, believes that this reflects their “mission of providing a continuous supply of reliable, high-quality plasma-derived products worldwide, supporting both healthcare professionals and patients every day."  

For more information on its constituents, implementation, and adverse effects, click here.  

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