Plasma-Derived Therapies Highly Beneficial, Report Says

12 June, 2020

At iPlasma, we consider it our fundamental duty to educate people and shatter myths or misconceptions regarding plasma and plasma-based therapies. One of our most important aims is to make educate donors and patients aware of how the simple act of donating plasma is profoundly beneficial to the health and well-being of millions of patients around the world. And now a new report, another among many, published by Vintura confirms this. 

According to the report published by the healthcare consultancy giant, the health gains provided by therapies derived from plasma are significant.  

As therapies, Plasma-Derived Medicinal Products, or PDMPs, are manufactured in a range of classes: clotting factors, immunoglobulins, albumin and certain inhibitors to name a few. And when easily available and accessible to patients, their efficacy is well-documented.  

However, the report, which PPTA describes as an analysis of “clinical, economic, and societal perspectives for patient access”, describes availability and access themselves as the major challenges the industry is facing today.  

Logically, maximizing both would maximize the benefits of plasma-based therapies. But this is not so simple. The two are greatly affected by complex regulations, ensuring strict safety standards, and lengthy manufacturing. Given these, the report offers recommendations on how to overcome these challenges. For example, it recognizes the necessity “to form close and trust-based partnerships between industry and all healthcare stakeholders” to streamline the process.  

Another challenge that is worth mentioning is the uncertain supply of plasma. To ensure that these therapies are easily available and accessible to patients suffering from rare and often life-threatening disorders, we need more and more people to donate plasma. However, donating once in a while is not enough. This is a commitment. We must donate regularly.  

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