#Itsmyturn 'From the Boardroom to the Cleanroom, We Can All Make a Difference.'

05 June, 2020

Plasma therapy and plasma donation have come to widespread attention in the wake of COVID-19. Currently, our only ray of hope, recovered patients of COVID-19 are vehemently urged to visit their nearest donation center and donate their plasma, and therefore their immunity against the virus.

However, there’s more to plasma therapy than COVID-19. Yes, it is certainly more urgent, but your plasma doesn’t just help treat viruses. The therapies manufactured from your donated plasma are used to help treat rare, life-threatening immune deficiency disorders, and other disorders of great severity. 

The pandemic, with social distancing and a general fear of going outside, has deterred many people from donating. Yet, several recovered patients are taking heroic efforts to help those suffering currently. But to truly replenish our plasma supply — which has been affected by the pandemic —  and help save valuable lives now overshadowed by the crisis, we also need other people to step forward and donate plasma. We must look at healthcare professionals working tirelessly, at scientists working to create a vaccine, at people coming to the aid of people less privileged, among others doing their bit, however large or small, and say to ourselves, “it’s my turn.”

#ItsMyTurn is the Immunoglobulin National Society’s (IgNS) most recent plasma donation initiative. It is urging more and more people, recovered of COVID-19 or otherwise, to visit their nearest centers and make a donation. We want to prevent a disruption in the plasma supply.

As a matter of fact, not only are donation centers open and accepting donations but donating right now is also completely safe. All centers are rigorously complying with the regulatory standards issued by the state and industry, including standards to prevent the virus from spreading, such as social distancing.

It’s your turn, and here’s how you can make the most of it:

  • Locate your nearest Plasma Donation Center 
  • Call your local donation center for details regarding COVID-19 precautions for donors.
  • Donate plasma. Take a picture or a quick video of yourself donating.
  • Post to your social media using #ItsMyTurn, #IgNS, #iplasmalife hashtags, and invite your friends to donate.
  • IgNSorg and iPlasma.life, we want to know you’ve donated!

Lastly, patients rely on donors who are committed to donating regularly to lead healthier and more productive lives. In fact, one-time donations are not used for manufacturing therapies! For safety concerns, these donations are discarded, unless the donor returns to make a second donation. Having said that, we’d go even further to encourage you to donate not just twice, but twice every seven days, two days apart. That’s how you can make the most of it.

For more information, visit: https://ig-ns.org/itsmyturn-igns-plasma-donation-initiative/

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