What Are Lapsed Donors?

07 April, 2021

There are several kinds of plasma donors. 

Take, for example, a qualified plasma donor. You are termed qualified if you have successfully passed two donor medical history screenings and required viral testing. 

Or, deferred donors, temporarily or permanently, because they did not successfully pass medical screenings and viral testing. 

Similarly, there are lapsed donors. 

You are considered a lapsed donor if you have not donated plasma within the past 180 days.  

Whether you are the most committed plasma donor or a regular plasma donor, it is found that most qualified donors eventually become lapsed donors. 

There are several reasons which may deter you from donating plasma. For example, many lapsed donors cite an unpleasant experience as the cause for not making their next donation. Other common reasons are safety concerns, the occurrence of a sudden, unfortunate event, or the lack of time or motivation, in general. 

To retain donors, centers can reassess their practices to reduce unpleasant experiences. They can also better educate donors to reassure them about the procedure's safety. 

As for the lack of motivation, you should always be aware of the good that you do by donating plasma, the lives you help save by this short and simple act of giving. 

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