How Are Plasma Donors Paid?

03 March, 2021

One thing first-time plasma donors must never forget is that in order for their plasma to be made into life-saving therapies they must donate plasma not once but twice.  

Only then is their plasma advanced to produce life-saving therapies.  

In fact, they shouldn't stop there. To make sure the therapies are always available to people affected by rare diseases, they should donate regularly.  

As we have explained in a previous blog on why plasma donors are compensated: 

“This demands commitment. 

And it is for this commitment that plasma companies compensate their donors – for the time and effort they expend to donate plasma.”  

How is this compensation given to generous donors? 

The compensation is transferred onto a prepaid card issued to you by the plasma center  

This card is unique to each company. This means, regardless of the center's location, the fee will be transferred onto the single, unique prepaid card issued to you by the plasma company.  

In case you happen to visit a different company's plasma center, you will be registered again, like a first-time donor, and issued a new card.  

The important thing is that you donate twice and again and again to have a sustained impact on the lives of people affected by rare diseases.  

That is how you make a difference.  

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