I've Received the COVID-19 Vaccine: Can I Donate Plasma?

10 February, 2021

Misinformation has proven to be one of the hardest problems to deal with today, in the modern, information age. 

If the pandemic had not caused a worrying decline in the supply of source plasma already, the rumors surrounding infections among donors made it worse.  

But it did not end there.  

Vaccines already being highly contentious here, the authorization of Pfizer's and Moderna's vaccines for COVID-19 were rightly expected to be a time bomb for new ones. Now, rumors are surfacing that claim that people who have received one of the two vaccines are not eligible to donate plasma anymore.  

Unquestionably, rumors like these can have a significant impact on donors and potential donors, further worsening the decline in source plasma. But that is precisely what they are — rumors.  

Organizations like the PPTA and iPlasma have been working extremely hard to fight misinformation and bring you the most accurate information in these chaotic times, such as — receiving either of the vaccines will not make you ineligible to donate plasma. According to the FDA's guidelines, healthy individuals, who receive any of the two vaccines can, and are firmly urged to, donate plasma. What you are ineligible to donate is convalescent plasma.  

Remember, a nationwide decline in source plasma means a nationwide decline in the production of life-saving plasma therapies on which possibly millions rely to stay healthy and alive.  

The plasma you donate is a lifeline for people fighting primary immune diseases, bleeding disorders, and certain other rare, often life-threatening diseases. Such a decline's impact on their lives, which would be felt in the coming months, could be devastating.  

We believe it is our foremost responsibility to bring you the most accurate information so that you rightly undertake yours. That is, to donate plasma.  

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