Why Is the Second Plasma Donation Important?

03 June, 2020

Donating plasma is often called “giving the gift of life.” This is because, globally, several rare, life-threatening illnesses such as liver or immunodeficiency disorders are treated with therapies manufactured from donated plasma.

Such patients are ensured healthier and more fulfilling lives when donors are committed to donating their plasma regularly.

Very often, when people become aware of how beneficial plasma donation is to society, they visit their nearest donation center at the earliest to donate their plasma. However, if you are also planning to do so, remember that you must donate at least two times.

This is because your plasma cannot be used to manufacture therapies until you make a second donation.

As a first-time donor, when you visit a donation center, you will be put through standard screening tests to determine whether you are eligible for donation . This ensures that the therapies are completely safe. For example, if you are found to be suffering from a virus, to prevent you from passing it on, you will be considered ineligible and therefore deferred.

You will be put through the same tests when you visit the center to make a second donation. And your plasma will only be advanced for manufacturing therapies when you are found eligible on both occasions.

This double-checking makes for double-assurance. Safety is of paramount importance.

Give someone the chance to live a happier and healthier life. Donate your plasma. Find more information here.



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