What Are Alpha-1 Proteinase Inhibitors

One of the most important proteins your plasma contains is the Alpha 1-Proteinase Inhibitor. Produced by your liver, the protein is vital to its... Read More

What is Albumin?

Albumin is the most abundant protein circulating in your blood. Precisely circulating in your plasma – the pale, mostly liquid portion of... Read More

People Caring For People

Donating plasma is people caring for people. It is the ultimate human-to-human connection where strangers help strangers live a more healthy and normal life. You can make a difference.

What is Source Plasma?

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Clearplasma: The Latest Innovation That Could...

Globally, more than 5 million deaths are caused by massive hemorrhages. Besides having limited options to treat hemorrhages, one factor that contributes to the deaths is blood loss.   Naturally, bleeding in your body is...
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Grifols Obtains 10% Stake in Bloodbuy, Online...

This year, Grifols, one of the world’s leading producers of plasma-based medicines, made two substantial investments.   It first expanded its North Carolina operations with an investment of $351.6 million, which involved...
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How Effective Is Plasma Therapy to Treat...

Convalescent plasma therapy has produced promising results in treating the novel coronavirus.   Convalescent plasma – the plasma voluntarily donated by survivors of COVID-19 – contains antibodies that can locate and...
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